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Perks & Discounts

Secure discounts to help you scale

25% Discount

A project management software platform for customer facing businesses. Simply use the code below at checkout to avail of the discount. Code:

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Waived Fees

Stripe is a payment processing platform. Generate up to €30,000 in revenue without incurring Stripe fees and get a 50% discount on Stripe Atlas.

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$2,000 Credits

Whether you're starting out or scaling to meet demand, innovate quickly and easily with Google Cloud products and get access to financial boosts, technical expertise and business support.

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Up to $150,000 Azure Credits

Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub is a platform for all founders to reach their milestones through technical tools and business resources. Founders can gain free access to $350,000 in technology benefits in minutes

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$5,000 Free Credits

Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing service provider. Use the partner code below when signing up. Code:

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Free Consultation

Martinsen Mayer specialises in helping venture-backed organisations scale their teams. Simply put, we love getting to know founders and investors to really understand what makes a business tick and help deliver talent, be it on the build side or the sale side.

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37% Discount

eDesk's ecommerce customer service software combines all your customer interactions and order data into easy to manage tickets for customer support teams.

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40% Discount

Edgescan is a fullstack vulnerability management service that provides continuous or on-demand assessments and Penetration Testing as a Services (PTaaS). Code:

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10% Discount

Outmin is an automated accountancy platform for SMBs. Simply email them when signing up to get the discount applied.

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3 months payroll & 12 months virtual office for free

Accountant Online is an accountancy and company formation practice based in Ireland and the UK. Use your unique ID at the top of the page to claim the offer.

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18.75% Discount

Boundless is the employment platform for your international team.

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30% Discount

Noloco is a no-code platform for startup & SMB teams to create internal tools & customer-facing apps from data they have stored in spreadsheets, Airtable or Google Sheets. All without code.

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20% Discount

Practical tools, hotdesking software, & remote WFH assessments, we help you bring employees back to the office, support WFH staff, and manage flexible working seamlessly. Capella are your partner in all things hybrid work.

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50% off first placement

FRS Recruitment matches high-level candidates with Ireland’s top employers. Covering over 15 sectors across nine offices nationwide, FRS is one of Ireland’s largest Recruitment companies.

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33% Discount

LeadIntro is an industry leading LinkedIn lead generation agency. Purchase 2 months & get 1 free.

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20% Discount provides winning investor presentation pitch decks. We would like to offer all members a 20% discount off this service.

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3 months free access

NoCo is an online platform that helps employers provider a closer to hime flexible workspace for their employees. Sign up for a free PAYG account and get access to a network of workspaces across Ireland.

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Free Workshop

A Spark Product Expert will discuss and share with you the product design, development & strategy for your product / venture. We have extensive experience working with start-ups and CEOs to help design, build and launch game changing products and businesses.

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25% discount

Sota is reimagining the way we prepare financial models, giving you powerful insights in a simple, easy to use app, doing away with spreadsheets forever. Sota paints the picture of your business growth so your investors can envision the future as clearly as you.

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25% Discount

Global Shares is a cap table management platform. Simply note that you are a Scale Ireland member when registering for a demo to avail of the discount.

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30% Discount & $450 in Ad Credits

HubSpot provides software products for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service. Simply follow the link & use the code below to avail of the discount. Code:

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$1,000 Credits

Notion is a tool for your company wiki, notes, projects, and more. Simply select Scale Ireland when registering. Use the code below to avail of the credits. Code: 

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50% Discount

Outseta's all-in-one platform gives founders the tools to launch and grow a SaaS or membership business.
Code: Ireland

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30% Discount

Memberstack is a subscriptions & login no-code application. Simply fill our their form linked below to avail of the discount.

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Membership services are provided to members only, and not for distribution to any other external or third party whether connected or not to a member. Special offers or discounts will not be provided to any third party that is not a member of Scale Ireland.

It is a condition of membership that members do not forward membership offers to non-members. Failure to honour this condition will result in the termination of membership. Membership is not transferable.

Microsoft: If you require support regarding Microsoft, please contact with any queries.

AWS: If you require more AWS credits and have received third party funding then you should contact to secure additional credits. Eligibility criteria can be found here.

HubSpot: Startups with under $2 million in funding and less than 30 employees are eligible for up to 90% off HubSpot software in your first year, and 50% off in your second and 25% ongoing. A startup that has raised over $2 million in named funding up to and including Series A are eligible for up to 50% off in your first year, and 25% ongoing. Contact to avail of the discount. To avail of the $450 in Ad Credits, use this link.

Capella: 20% off your first years subscription to Capella’s platform for hybrid working for Scale Ireland members. For any support queries, please contact

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